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Nature, Life and Impression

Landscape Oil Paintings with Brilliant Collors

By Xiao Yao --- An Outstanding Impressionism Artist in China

Mr. Xiao Yao

He is one of the famous lanscape artists in China. His art profession and career success has been honorably respected. He is an outstanding artists as well as one of the few representatives of Chinese artists who have been struggling for freedom of art in the past decades.

His name is Xiao Yao. In Chinese it means “take it easy?. However, life has never become easy for him . Mr. Xiao started learning oil painting when he was only thirteen years old. He dreamed to become a great artist. However, when he was nineteen a cruel political campaign put him into a labor camp for more than twenty years. The most marvelous thing was his survival. The tortured life in the labor camp did not destroy his dream. When he was released from the labor camp, Mr. Xiao picked up the brushes and restarted his art life from where it was interrupted.

The horrible experiences in the labor camp made him become stronger and more self-confident. His heart was deeply filled with loves: the love of art, the love of nature, the love of life and the love of freedom. Even experiencing a tough time and fully challenges during the uncertain political and culture climate, Mr. Xiao never gives up seeking for the truth and glory of art.

Mr. Xiao is a self-trained artist who gains most of his art skills from discipline self-study and long time practicing. He also learnt and exchanged skills in the circle of the local artists. Mr. Xiao is a loyal follower of the impressionism masters. He studied their artworks from all the prints and art books he could possibly find. By accepting the essentials of the impressionism principles and methods, Mr. Xiao combines them with the rules of Chinese traditional art. Working more than fourteen hours almost every day, Mr. Xiao has gradually established his own painting style and nature. His talent and hard work makes his paintings become more splendid and elegant. The delicacy of the composition, quality of the brushwork and fineness of the colors resulted in a new period of his professional art career.

Most of Mr. Xiao's oil paintings are landscapes. The beautiful scenes are interpreted into Mr. Xiao's own unique language and poetry composed. The combination of the amazing colors appears to melt into his paintings. Mr. Xiao is especially good at using colors and brushstrokes to construct different visual effects. Most of his paintings, either the variety of colors or the moved atmosphere of the images, will no doubt be familiar to American audiences as the influences from the well known impressionists. The successes of Mr. Xiao's paintings can be attributed to their excellence of execution, sophistication of composition and overall attractive appearance.

Today, we are glad to collect some of his recent works and bring them to the collectors in the Unites States. We hope that these wonderful paintings will allow collectors to identify the common sense and particular taste of his art. For collective purpose, his paintings are priority valuable resources. More or less, Mr. Xiao's paintings bring closer the Americans collectors and the Chinese artists. His dream is becoming true.

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