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Shen Shengqiu’s Most Recent Artwork

The Chang's Family Gallery is the First to View a Super Size Oil Painting

The Master Piece is Looking for Museum or Private Collectors

Shen Shengqiu recently finished a huge historical oil painting by his powerful art skills and unlimited creativity. The super size oil painting, “Zheng Chenggong Recaptured Taiwan", is 3 meters wide and almost 6 meters long, or 10 by 20 feet. The painting recorded a well-known historical war event in the sixteen century. Zheng Chenggong, A famour chief general of the Ming Dynasty, led his army to recaptured Taiwan from the hands of the Holland colonizers. The size of the characteristics in the paintings are bigger than real human being. The painting has been under production for almost three years and has not showed to the publics yet. The Chang's Family Gallery is the first invited to the artist studio to view this super size artwork. It is definitely a master piece and very valuable artwork in Chinese art history.

The artist is looking for museum or private collectors now. If you are interesting in collecting the artwork or have information about potencial collectors, please contact the Chang’s Family Gallery at:

Shen Shegqiu recently finished another beautiful portrait for a diplomat couple. It was a Christmas gift from their lovely daughters and son.

Shen's "Girl and Jar" is also available for private collection.

If you want to have your own portrait or a portrait for your loved ones, please contact us at :

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