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Title:A Dying Tree
Size: 62 cm x 50 cm(20" x 24")
Artist:Xiao Yao (1937 - )
Collector(s): Mr.& Mrs. Cater, Oregon, U.S.A.

The Law of Nature

Introduction of Xiao Yao’s Painting ?A Dying Tree?lt;/font>

“A Dying Tree? Oil on linen canvas, is one of Xiao Yao’s own collections. It was painted on-site in January 1998 in JingAn, a small town in the province of JiangXi , China.

The artist captured an heart-touching moment of a dying tree leaning over a stream in a moist and quiet morning with thin fog floating around. The tree used to stand straight on the bank of the stream for many years and now is struggling for its last breath of the fresh air. The root of the tree is still trying to grap the ground to keep the tree from falling into the water. From the upward curve of the tree trunk and the leafless branches pointing straight into the sky, it tells a story of a strong life the tree had before. The colorful living background and the dark leafless branches make a moved contrast. It is a still moment but the artist delivered a strong message of the law of nature. The old generation is passing away and the new life starts again.

The precise disposition of the picture and the well executed brush strokes give the painting a more attractive and beautiful view. This on-site painting gives people a closer feeling and image of the nature.

The artist signed and dated on the lower right corner of the painting. On the back of the painting the artist wrote in pencil:
“JinAn, the 51th (painting)
A Dying Tree by a Stream
8:00 am to 4:20pm, 1/6/1998 ?
This is not a very common habit among most of the artists today.

The painting was collected directly from the artist studio in October 1998 by the Chang’s Family Gallery. The painting comes with a golden classic baroque frame.

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