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Images, Rhythms and Harmonies

A World of Figure Oil Paintings
By the most outstanding professional artist --- Guo Beiping

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Ruins (1994)
97cm x 130 cm
Cradle (1996)
73cm x 100 cm
(Private Collection)
Light (1996)
73cm x 100 cm
Tibetan Prayer (1995)
97cm x 130 cm

80cm x 120cm
(Museum Collection)
130cm x 162cm
50cm x 60cm
97cm x 130cm

Way Home(1991)
80cm x 100cm
80cm x 100cm
Red Shoes(1989)
80cm x 100cm
80cm x 100cm


WuWangWo (1998)
52 x 45.5 cm
Nude on Bed (1985)
73 x 60cm
Piano Teacher (1995)
80 x 63 cm
Model in Black(1997)
97cm x 130cm


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