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The Chang's Family Gallery

The Chang's Family gallery is a web site gallery for art lovers and private collectors. This web site provides a window of the most recent art works from selected well-known or new Chinese artists. It helps art collectors to have a better understanding of the high quality and potential value of Chinese oil paintings. This is a priority resource for art collectors who want to expand their collections with valuable Chinese artworks. Private collector service is provided to clients according to their needs.

1. On-line Collection . If collector is interested in collecting any of the oil paintings showed in the gallery, we will be glad to provide more detailed information of the artworks and artists. Some of the paintings may not be available because they are collections by museums or other private collectors.

2. Art Network Connection . If collector has special interests on particular artists or artwork in China, we are able to connect our artist network and provide information research.

3.Private Contract . We help collectors to find outstanding professional artists for private contracts, especially for collectors who want to have portraits or large size paintings. All artworks are museum collection quality. If you want to have a portrait for youself or for your loved ones, this is the right place to start.

Zen says "Thing is nothing behind"

"My husband was especially taken by the overwhelming quality of the work. I loved it for the mood and flow of the piece. My husband and I love Yiao's style and great ability. We really appreciate his great talent! "

Mrs. Cater

"Hello - I would pay more if I had it for the painting <<Red Shoes>> - It is beautiful!! - my compliments to the artist."

Edward Q. Griffin

"Your art work is beautiful, i think they are worth every penny you are asking for them, the colors...the colors!!!!!"

Kim Robson

"Hello! We just wanted to let you know that the painting arrived today, safe and sound. It is just as we imagined, in fact, even better! It is already hung for all to appreciate. If you get a chance, please pass along our deepest thanks to Xiao. Let him know that we will take good care of it. It will always be treated with the care and respect it deserves."


"The painting arrived in fine condition. It is as attractive as you promised. Please express my thanks to the artist. It is a pleasure doing business with you."

Sandy Slade

"Just wanted to say hello and hope all is going well for you. Kathy and I wanted to let you know that we have completed our move into our new house and that "The Dying Tree" has a very special place of honor in our new home. We love it more every day! "