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The Chang's Family Gallery

How to Select an Artist for Your Art Project

Step One: View Our Web Site
We carefully select experienced artists who have established their own styles and professional careers. Our contracted artists master the skills of realism and impressionism. They also truly understand the philosophy of traditional Chinese art. The combination of these two fundamental principles makes their paintings with greater taste of art. Well-known artists, such as Guo Beiping, Xiao Yao, Shen Shengqiu, and Huang Nanying, have been successfully working with us as contracted artists for years.

Step Two: Make Comparisons
Before you decide to hire our contracted artists, please visit other artists or galleries to make comparisons to prices and, especially, to the quality of artworks. You may use our Favour Links at our web site to view other artists? paintings and offers. We are confident that our contracted artists have the talents to create artworks with better quality and in a very reasonable price range.

Step Three: Decide What Do You Want
Go back to our web site again to view all the paintings. This time you will be convinced that our artists may be the better choice. We are willing to provide free consultant service to help you make the decisions. When you decide to select our artists, we will discuss details of your art project with you and the artists. You need to provide basic information and requirements of your art project.

Step Four: Get A Good Deal
Fees of your art project is very reasonable. It basically depends on size, type, subject, time frame and artist. Since we keep very good working relation with our contracted artists, we are able to negotiate the best deal for our collectors. Normally starting fees can be as low as $1,000. Larger size or special project will cost more. We are also able to offer special deal according to your budget. Generally, fees cover the painting, stretching and frame. Shipping cost and related insurance fee may apply separately.

Step Five:Complete an Art Assignment
An Art Assignment is required when both sides agree on all the terms. This is a legal documentation to protect the interests of both sides. 20% of deposit is required to cover the artistís starting expenses when contract is signed. An Art project normally takes 45~60 days to be completed depends on the artist schedule and complexity of the art project. All fees must be paid in full before the delivery of the finished painting.

Step Six: Leave the Rest to the Artist Taste of art is very personal oriented. To reach an understanding with the artist, efficient and sufficient communication is necessary. When artist and you reach an agreement on the initial design and terms, he needs space of self-imagination to create the painting. Remember, too many or too detailed requirements may not help the artists. The artist will be the person who finalizes the project and controls the overall effects based on his professional view.

Please view Collector's Qoutes from our collectors who purchased paintings on-line or had contracts with our artists. Many artwork were collected by private collectors, corporations and museums. The high taste of art , museum quality and collectable value are appreciated by all collectors. To have a portrait for you or for your loved ones, selecting the artists contracted by The Changís Family Gallery is always a good start.

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