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Collectors' Quotes

"We got the painting on Friday! Thank you for all the efforts you put through so we can have this surprise for our parents by Christmas! Wishing you all the best during this holiday season!" ------ Cindy

"We are glad to inform you that we are selecting the artists for the next Biennale di Firenze. The internal jury saw your work in your website and approves your participation in this Biennale 2003." ------ Arte Studio

"The paintings by Guo Beiping and Shen Shengqiu are quite incredible." ------Robert A. Hefner III

"Enjoyed your website very much, the galleries are beautiful. Good luck!" ---- Anna Zy

"Eye-catching and well done site. Good work!" --- Macy

"Wow, great site, I enjoy visiting other galleries." --- L. Patrou

"Very good webpage you have here, and best greetings to all your visitors."--- Odinn

"Hello from down under! Cool site, well done." --- John Cussack, New Zealand

"We are an art Gallery in Boca Raton, Florida. We are interested in the works of Guo Beiping. Please contact us with avaiability, size and net prices of available oils." ------ Armand Bolling

"My husband and I have been working hard to get the next gallery up and running. Grand opening next weekend! I love Mr. Shen's work and very drawn to the women paintings that he paints. Does he have a selection available presently?" ------ lilly chase

"I am writing a paper for my Chinese Art History class and am focusing on the paintings of Guo Beiping. The information on your website mentions his <>and its size. Information about the date of the work would really help my paper. Any additional information on Guo Beiping would also be appreciated." ----- Laurie Tucker

"I am interested in the Sun Light Painting. It is truly beautiful, and I love it. I like to surround myself with beautiful original art." ------ Carolie Simpson

"I've taken a special interest into the work of Mr. Guo BeiPing. His paintings are very exhilirating and of the exact kind of style I've been looking for." ------ Melissa Chan

"I am a Director with and I help artists market their works to professional buyers. I spent some time on your web site today and I love your style." ------ Eric R. Westerman

"Mr. Shen Shengqiu’s work is astonishing and would add the perfect asian touch to an incredible portrait." ------ Wendy Ou

" I am a local landscape artist and very impressed with your collection. ------ Dave

"Your paintings are very relaxing and calm. I enjoy your style." ------Nigel

"I also wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the painting 'The Sun' which I bought from you last year - it has received so many compliments from everyone who has set eyes on it!" ------ Synte

"I enjoyed a lot visiting your beautiful web site.All paintings are just great!" ------ Natasha Carr

"I like your work very much and wish you lots of luck." ------ Ron Barsano

"Thank you for your response. The painting was waiting for me when I arrived home. It is very very beautiful." ------ Sue

"Xiao's wonderful painting has an ethereal quality that one seldom sees in today's art. The artist must be unusually attuned to nature and possesses a rare ability to transfer this to canvas. I looked at other paintings by him on your website and they are equally beautiful." ------ Robert Morse

"The one we have is great!!"------ Doug Campbell

"Hi, My name is Mauro Valtorta, I'm italian and live in Argentina. I just wanted to let you know I think your work is simply beautiful and brilliant."

"I would like to thank Mr. Beiping for posting his paintings on the Internet for artlovers world wide to see. I am in art school and paint portraits and the figure. I am very impressed by his work and I think he is one of the best realist painters around today." ------Michael Panicello

"Hello - I received the painting yesterday in perfect condition - it is absolutely wonderful. I also received the information you sent earlier inthe week. Thanks again for a super transaction!" ------ Synte Peacock

"My husband was especially taken by the overwhelming quality of the work. I loved it for the mood and flow of the piece. My husband and I love Xiao's style and great ability. We really appreciate his great talent! " ------ Mrs. Cater

"Hello - I would pay more if I had it for the painting "Red Shoes" - It is beautiful!! - my compliments to the artist." ------ Edward Q. Griffin

"Your art work is beautiful, i think they are worth every penny you are asking for them, the colors...the colors!!!!!" ------Kim Robson

"Hello! We just wanted to let you know that the painting arrived today, safe and sound. It is just as we imagined, in fact, even better! It is already hung for all to appreciate. If you get a chance, please pass along our deepest thanks to Xiao. Let him know that we will take good care of it. It will always be treated with the care and respect it deserves." ------ Kathryn

"The painting arrived in fine condition. It is as attractive as you promised. Please express my thanks to the artist. It is a pleasure doing business with you." ------- Sandy Slade

"Just wanted to say hello and hope all is going well for you. Kathy and I wanted to let you know that we have completed our move into our new house and that "The Dying Tree" has a very special place of honor in our new home. We love it more every day! " ------ Scott