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Inspiration and Imagination

A New Discovered Talent Artist
Shen Shengqiu

Be patient when pictures are downloading. Relax and enjoy!

(Click on paintings to view details)
Young Artist (1999)
80cm X 100cm (New!)
Behind the Cavas (2000)
50cm x 60cm (New!)
Violin (1997)
50cm x 60 cm (New!)
Golden Fall (1997)
50 cm x 60 cm (New!)
Art Student (2000)
65 cm x 80 cm (New!)

Mirror (2001)
92 cm x 112 cm (New!)
110cm x 130 cm (New!)
My Student(2001)
65cm x 80 cm (New!)
Two Nudes (2000)
110 cm x 130 cm (New!)
Town by River (2000)
50 cm x 60 cm (New!)


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