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Inspiration and Imagination

A New Discovered Talent Artist in China

Shen Shengqiu

Mr. Shen Shengqiu

Shen Shengqiu(1949 ~ ) is one new discovered talent artist in the area of figure oil painting. His fantastic artwork are rarely collected by people outside China. Everyone is so surprised and astonished viewing his artwork. It seems to be unfair that recognition and appreciation comes so late to him. However, it is understandable that under the current culture and social system in China, his fate is hardly controlled by himself.

Recently Shen Shengqiu was invited to visit Paris and allowed to stay there for a six-month study in art. He is so exciting about this long-waiting trip. He hopes that after study the Masters' pieces in the museums of Paris, he will be able to position himself to a new high.

Shen Shengqiu started to learn painting when he was sent to a farm in the northwest of China during the Culture Revolution. He was lucky enough to be selected to an art school for further study. Since then he studied and worked very hard to get himself into the top art institute in China. He is a teacher in an art school where the talentest art students are from over the country. Actually, few people really knows his background very well but his paintings tell people all about himself. All of his figure paintings show Shen’s masterful skills in free of using colors and dispositions of paintings. He is very good at working on details and make the figures more attractive and lively appear .

Today,The Chang’s Family Gallery is very glad to bring some of Mr. Shen’s paintings to the American art collectors. We hope that you will use your own knowledge and judgments to find out the special taste and high value of Mr. Shen’s oil paintings. Most certainly, Shen Shengqiu’s paintings are the priority resource for all art lovers and collectors.

If you are really interested in any of his paintings or willing to have him as your private contracted artist, please contact us through our E-mail address:

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